Telecoms outsourcing for innovation: lessons from other verticals

22 October 2012 | Guy Matthews

Telecommunications is not the only sector where outsourcing is a vital weapon in a tough competitive landscape. What other industries are showing carriers the way forward in the outsourcing space?

Carriers have long realised the dividends of outsourcing non-core business processes to other parties in order to focus on what they do best. They will sometimes look for partnerships with other carriers to achieve this, sometimes to specialists outside the industry with niche expertise that would make no sense for the carrier to acquire for themselves. Few telcos run their own payroll function, for example. Most carriers would flatter themselves that the management and meeting of customer expectations is an area they are adept at administering themselves, or at any rate one where they are already outsourcing to best effect. Not always so, believes Jonathan Wright, VP service provider with European network operator Interoute: "There are many other verticals out there where outsourcing is prevalent that have much better control over the customer and over satisfying those customers' needs," he claims. "Telecoms is probably at least five years behind these...

Topics: outsourcing, managed services, wholesale, data

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