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SDN BUSINESS BRIEFING 2014: The great equaliser
08 Aug 2014

SDN is being talked of as a great leveller among the different tiers of the carrier community. But is it really the battlefield on which Tier-2 and Tier-3 players could go after Tier-1 carriers?

SDN BUSINESS BRIEFING 2014: A two-track market?
06 Aug 2014

Is there a first-mover benefit for carriers adopting early-to-market SDN strategies? If so, does this mean a future where pioneers will only want to do business with other SDN-enabled organisations?

The MVNE movement
14 Jul 2014

The booming mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) market is creating fresh opportunities for carriers to offer mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) services.

The SMS renaissance
01 Jul 2014

Traditional SMS revenues declined for the first time last year, but that has not stopped carriers exploring new ways to revive the messaging service.

CLOUD SPECIAL REPORT 2014: Cloud formation
13 Jun 2014

The past year has seen a rapid rise in the number of carriers developing cloud solution portfolios targeted at enterprise customers. Guy Matthews investigates.

SDN and NFV: AT&T's root-and-branch approach
28 May 2014

To many, AT&T epitomises all that is wrong with today’s top-tier telcos: cautious, conservative and conformist. Not anymore. The top brass are backing an audacious root-and-branch network revamp.

Telecoms fraud: “It's our problem”
02 Apr 2014

Will carriers finally begin acting in unison to more effectively combat fraud? Capacity reports from the Wholesale Fraud Forum 2014 in London.

Top 5 industry verticals
01 Apr 2014

Businesses are becoming ever more reliant on telecoms to support their operations. Capacity looks at five industry verticals primed to expand over the coming years.

LTE SPECIAL REPORT 2014: LTE markets to watch
28 Mar 2014

China, South Africa and India have all encountered delays and stumbling blocks on their way to 4G. Could 2014 be the year LTE makes a breakthrough in these countries?

The fall and rise of bandwidth trading
11 Mar 2014

With the bandwidth trading market showing signs of revival, does any of the current crop of players look to have the right formula? Guy Matthews investigates.

SUBSEA CABLE SPECIAL 2014: A subsea scramble down under
10 Mar 2014

The SEA-ME-WE 3 cable that currently provides the only direct connectivity between Singapore and Australia was lit back in 2000. Regular upgrades have kept it in business, but the route has been crying out for some time for the diversity that a high-bandwidth alternative would provide.

SUBSEA CABLE SPECIAL 2014: Protect and survive
07 Mar 2014

As the central role of subsea cable systems in the global economy grows, could more be done by governments and regulators to secure these vital arteries? Guy Matthews investigates.

SUBSEA CABLE SPECIAL 2014: Dangerous waters
07 Mar 2014

Egypt’s subsea cables have been in the news again, for all the wrong reasons. Is it time to switch vital east-to-west connectivity to land-based alternatives?

26 Feb 2014

The market for subsea capacity is evolving. Guy Matthews considers some of the innovations that new cable projects are adopting in their business models to achieve the required backing.

24 Feb 2014

The standardisation of Ethernet services and operations has taken a back seat while networks have been streamlined. But now the service side is being reinvented to create vital efficiencies for carriers.

COVER STORY: Cable in demand
20 Jan 2014

With a growing interest in wholesale and access to rich-media content, are cablecos becoming a threat to carriers?